The Point Bar

The Point Bar (Tavern) has been part of the Grand Rapids neighborhood since the mid 1880's. Originaly founded as a train waiting station, the "Point" has traditionally been known as a working mans pub, and was a favorite lunch stop of railroad workers for decades. Traces of Tiger Lily beds planted by the original owner's wife, dating to the early 1900's, can still be spotted by the nearby railroad tracks.

In 1962 Richard and Christine Szymanski Sr. purchased The Point, establishing the beginning of a 45 year history as a Polish-owned family business. During the following years all four of the Szymanski chidren, Hanna, Richard Jr., Daniel, and Donna, have all worked at the bar at one time or another.

In January of 2000, Richard Sr. passed away and today Richard Jr. and Daniel together run the establishment with the day-to-day operations being run by Manager and Assistant-Manager Joe and Chris.

Since 2001 the bar has been completely renovated with an old nastalgic interior. The bar features a friendly staff who help host special activities, such as Polish Days, St. Patrick's Day, Car Rallys, Summer Beach Bash, Country Night, Blues at The Point, and many others. Weekly entertainment includes karaoke, theme bands, and seasonal pool leauges. Customers can also take advantage of planning their own parties on open evenings.

The Point is also a big supporter of "Support Our Troops", with activities for all branches of service. Their flags are proudly displayed in the bar and activities regarding any U.S. branch of service is no problem. To all veterans, we say "Thank You For Your Service".

Taking care of customers is our main priority of business. This is the primary reason that The Point's Management refuses to sell lottery tickets where the customer always comes and stays first. The Point Management and Staff would like to say thank you for your many years of patrionage.